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The cure in a remedy

for your dog.


Otological lotion

RIMEDIO di OLIVIA Otological Lotion Thyme Oil

Rimedio di Olivia Otological Lotion is a solution suitable for the hygiene of the dog's ear and auricle. Delicately removes earwax without burning and eliminates bad odors. Gives relief in case of itching. Contains thyme oil, which is a natural antibacterial, with antiseptic and deodorant properties. How to use: 3 or 4 drops in the dogs ear, and massage the dogs ear gently for a few seconds afterwards.


Pawn pads and Truffle Cream

RIMEDIO di OLIVIA  Revitalizing Cream for Truffle and paw pads

Rimedio di Olivia Paw and Nose Cream is a dermatological cream for cracked paws, dehydrated noses and calluses on elbows and joints. Thanks to the high content of moisturizing and softening substances, it makes it effective for cold winter walks on ice and snow, as well as hot summer walks on sand and asphalt. Rimedio di Olivia Paw and Nose Cream contains MSM, a natural source of sulfur, with keratolytic. It’s anti-inflammatory and healing properties will help to avoid burns and soothe your dog's paws, nose and joints. It also contains chlorhexidine which is an antibacterial.


Eye Lotion

RIMEDIO di OLIVIA  Chamomile Eye Lotion

Rimedio di Olivia Eye Lotion is an isotonic solution with pH suitable for the dog's ocular and periocular hygiene. It gently removes excessive eye secretions without burning whilst giving relief from any itching. Rimedio di Olivia Eye Lotion contains chamomile and mallow, components with high limiting and moisturizing properties that allow a gentle cleansing of the eye.


Spray conditioner


RIMEDIO di OLIVIA Coconut Spray Hair Conditioner

Rimedio di Olivia Restorative Spray conditioner moisturizes, softens and reconstructs the beauty of the hair. Formula enriched with Argan oil it is also useful for giving natural shine to the hair.

How to use: For ideal results, spray on the wet hair of the dog after bathing, and dry your dog as usual. NB it does not need to be rinsed from the dogs hair.

Rimedio di Olivia Restorative Spray can also be sprayed on dry hair on any special occasion, to make the hair soft and pleasantly scented. Also suitable for puppies.


Repairing Lotion

RIMEDIO di OLIVIA Repairing Lotion with Hypericum oil

Thanks to its natural ingredients, the Repairing Lotion helps to regenerate skin tissues damaged by abrasions (including licking abrasions), dermatitis, surgical wounds and mycosis.

The oils contained in the formula, being naturally antibacterial, help regenerate the skin barrier and facilitate wound healing.

How to use: clean the wound with warm water and remove any foreign body, then spray the product on the entire area.

Also suitable for puppies.


Sanitize Lotion

Rimedio di Olivia Sanitizing Lotion Pino delle Alpi

Rimedio di Olivia Pine Sanitizing Lotion is used every time you want to sanitize the dog's coat, skin and paws during the day or after a walk. Thanks to the red seaweed extract, with its moisturizing properties, it creates a protective lipid film that makes it particularly suitable for dogs with very sensitive skin. Contains chlorhexidine which performs an important antiseptic and disinfectant action capable of fighting different types of bacteria for a duration of about 8-12 hours. Also suitable for puppies.

How to use: Using the spray, diffuse over the body, paws, let it dry for a few seconds.


Lozione Antipuntura

RIMEDIO di OLIVIA Lotion Antipuntura Lemongrass

Rimedio di Olivia Anti-Bite Lotion helps to naturally protect your dog from insect bites. This is due to the well-known repellent properties of neem oil and the fragrances of geranium, lemongrass and lavender.

Ideal for summer walks, both by the sea and in the mountains. Also suitable for puppies.

How to use: spray on the body and legs before the walk.


Spray toothpaste

RIMEDIO di OLIVIA Dental spray - Peperita Mint

Rimedio di Olivia Dental Spray is a solution for your dogs daily oral hygiene. It will reduce germs and bacteria, the combination of mallow extract and fluoride will soothe your dogs red gums and help to prevent tooth decay. It also contains pineapple extract which helps to fight plaque formation, and chlorhexidine to remove bacteria. Rimedio di Olivia Dental Spray also contains peppermint essential oil which will leave your dogs breath hygienic and freshened. How to use: spray 3 times your dogs mouth as needed.


Sun Lotion

RIMEDIO di OLIVIA Passion Fruit Sun Lotion

Sole di Olivia is a spray sun lotion, ideal for protecting your dog from sun, salt, wind and bad weather. The formulation is based on ingredients of plant origin and guarantees a particular delicacy on the skin and coat, even for the most sensitive and delicate dogs. Suitable for both the sea and the mountains, Sole di Olivia is ideal for long stays outdoors. It will protect your dog by preventing skin dryness and avoiding burns to areas more exposed to sunlight. It has a fresh fragrance of passion fruit.


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