Rimedio di Olivia Sanitizing Lotion Pino delle Alpi

Rimedio di Olivia Sanitizing Lotion Pino delle Alpi


Rimedi di Olivia Pine Sanitizing Lotion is used every time you want to sanitize the dog's coat, skin and paws during the day or after a walk. Thanks to the red seaweed extract, with its moisturizing properties, it creates a protective lipid film that makes it particularly suitable for dogs with very sensitive skin. Contains chlorhexidine which performs an important antiseptic and disinfectant action capable of fighting different types of bacteria for a duration of about 8-12 hours. Also suitable for puppies.

How to use: Using the spray, diffuse over the body, paws, let it dry for a few seconds.

30 ml.

  1. How to use: For ideal results, spray on the wet hair of the dog after bathing, and dry your dog as usual. NB it does not need to be rinsed from the dogs hair.
  2. Rimedi di Olivia Restorative Spray can also be sprayed on dry hair on any special occasion, to make the hair soft and pleasantly scented. Also suitable for puppies.
  3. 30.ml