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The best products to take care of your dog

Taking care of your pets is not always a simple activity. Attention should be paid to the occurrence of problems due to the lack of use of the best products. From dental hygiene to protection against insect bites, nothing should be left to chance. Dog care is a subject that can very often create perplexity, but if you consider everything as a normal routine action, problems take a back seat.

Sight and smell, how to protect your dog.

The eyes are a very sensitive part for dogs. Not only can they be subject to frequent conjunctivitis, but abundant lacrimation can also facilitate the onset of skin infections. An eye lotion is able to facilitate eye hygiene operations, gently removing eye secretions and giving relief to the animal in case there are any discomfort. The natural components contained within the product guarantee cleaning without contraindications.

The ears are also prone to possible infections, especially if their cleaning is neglected or if invasive products are used. For optimal hygiene, we recommend the use of an otological lotion that allows the removal of dirt in a natural way, reducing bad odors and performing an antibacterial function.

Another part of the body not to be underestimated are the dog's paws. In fact, the dirt that animals collect while walking tends to concentrate on the legs, and damage to the pads can be created, therefore it is necessary to always keep them clean with a sanitizing lotion. On the other hand, applying a repairing lotion is useful for regenerating tissues and for treating small skin lesions. A revitalizing lotion is suitable for both cracked pads and dehydrated truffles. The truffle, if cracked, must be treated with care, otherwise small cuts could form, which are very annoying for the animal and could cause infections.

Hair, skin and mouth: safeguard the health of the dog through the best products

The hair needs constant attention. Beyond the daily brushing which is always recommended, it is also necessary to use suitable products to protect it from any insects, such as an anti-sting lotion, which with the presence of natural fragrances can prevent the attack by mosquitoes, fleas and ticks towards the dog.

Using a restorative conditioner is the best way to give shine to the hair. By preferring a product of this type, without rinsing, the dog will not even suffer the stress of frequent washing and especially in winter, he will not have to deal with cold temperatures. If during the cold seasons it is important to avoid that the dog is subjected to too high temperature changes, in the summer season it is important to make sure that the correct sun protection is used. A sun lotion with a natural composition facilitates sun shielding both at the sea and in the mountains, managing to prevent the skin from drying out.

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