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Igiene orale

Dogs are less likely to develop tooth decay and are less prone to developing tooth decay than humans. Should we therefore take care of our dog's oral health or not?

Yup !!! We absolutely must do this, their oral health depends 100% on us, also because they are not able to express their sensations as humans do.

How to find out that your dog has an oral disease?

Bad breath (halitosis), drooling, whining, decreased appetite, bleeding gums, tooth loss, broken teeth, these are some of the signs.

But then how to prevent oral diseases:

Using the dental spray:

The use of the dental spray is better and guess, among Olivia's Remedies there is also this, Olivia's Toothpaste spray is a 100% Natural product, thanks to its particular formulation based on chlorhexidine, mallow and pineapple reduces the presence of germs and bacteria in the oral cavity, gives relief in case of gingivitis, refreshes the breath and prevents the formation of cavities. Our toothpaste does not need to be swept, however, for even more thorough hygiene we recommend that you use a dog toothbrush regularly.

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