A bath of health and relaxation

for your dog.

Dermoprotective Shampoo

with Sicilian citrus fruits

Shampoo BOLLE di OLIVIA Citrus fruits of Sicily

Natural dermoprotective shampoo, rich in plant extracts such as the bio aloe vera bio avocado oil, helps to moisturize and restructure the skin of the dog's coat. Le Bolle di Olivia Agrumi di Sicilia will also emphasize the softness and shine characteristics of your dog’s coat.


Out Dry Shampoo

with Talc of Venice


Bolle di Olivia Dry Shampoo with Talc of Venice

Our Dry Shampoo with Talc of Venice, contains active probiotics that help eliminate dirt and sanitize the fur. It’s also rich in natural extracts, such as organic aloe vera and Babassu oil, known for its emollient properties derived by its fatty acids.

Puppy Shampoo

with Grapefruit

Shampoo BOLLE di OLIVIA  Pamplemousse

Natural shampoo for puppies, rich in plant extracts, such as organic aloe vera and mandarin essential oil with its toning, purifying and relaxing properties. Le Bolle di Olivia Pamplemousse is a completely natural and specific washing experience for the puppy.

Sensitive Shampoo

with Sweet Almonds

Shampoo BOLLE di OLIVIA   Sweet Almond

Natural sensitive shampoo, rich in plant extracts, such as red seaweed which with its moisturizing properties will help to create a gentle film, that is suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. Bolle di Olivia Mandorle Dolce is enriched with sweet almond oil for a nourishing, emollient and soothing effect.

Marshmallow root

Bolle di Olivia Scioglinodi Radice di Altea

Bolle di Olivia knot dissolver, exploits the phytotherapeutic properties of the Altea root.

The root of Altea, thanks to its content rich in mucilage, has an important moisturizing, nourishing and detangling effect. Suitable for all long-haired dogs, it facilitates brushing and helps eliminate knots