Health made a biscuit

for your dog.

Olivia's "Cuoricini" are 100% natural artisan biscuits, they are made without sugar, without yeast, without eggs, without butter, without milk, without flour and cereals, without salt, without preservatives and dyes, so they are also suitable for vegan people , celiac, diabetic, lactose and cereal intolerant. All this makes it a perfect biscuit for our dogs but also for humans. Ideal both for puppies in the "Mini Hearts" format, and for adults in the "Hearts" format. We have studied this recipe with valid veterinarian nutritionists who with their ability and experience in collaboration with expert pastry chefs, have made it possible to create a totally natural biscuit in full respect of the health of our dogs. They have also made it possible, finally, to have breakfast with your dog.

We have combined taste and health in a single biscuit, thus creating the biscuit that unites the family.

They are packaged in glass jars, because the glass constitutes a natural protection barrier to guarantee the preservation of the content, especially if made without preservatives, so thanks to the glass, our snacks can be preserved naturally for up to a year. Furthermore, glass is one of the few materials that can be 100% and infinitely recyclable, a sustainable material that is environmentally friendly.

Available in the following flavors: