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"Who has never owned a dog,

cannot know what it means to be loved. "

- Schopenhaur -



Olivia was born from a great passion for dogs. We initially decided to turn our passion into a job, when we created our first venture Luxury Breeding.


For 13 years at Luxury we have been breeding French Bulldogs, a difficult and demanding activity that requires a lot of passion, dedication and perseverance.


Our love for dogs is so great that we create special relationships with them. It is in fact scientifically proven that dogs develop an attachment to their human "masters" comparable to that of a child to their parents.


Over the years we have learned to know our dogs, understand their needs and treat them as if they were our children. It is thanks to this great and continuous experience that the idea of ​​creating a product that fully satisfies the needs of our dogs was born to us: who better than a breeder to do it?


We have relied on veterinary experts who for years have been looking for innovative, natural, untested products that respect the environment. We have created high-quality products that combine prevention, care and hygiene of the dog, as well as using only what nature provides us with, and a touch of glamor.


"I Cuoricini" by Olivia are handmade and 100% natural biscuits, they are made without ingredients that can create allergies or intolerances. All this makes it a perfect snack for our dogs, but also for humans.


We have combined taste and health in a single biscuit.


The success of our products is thanks to nature.

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