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calendario bully gang

The cure in a remedy

for your dog.

Normally the dog's skin and coat are populated by good bacteria that maintain balance by strengthening the defenses of the canine's skin. But when there is imbalance it means that the bad bacteria, the ones responsible for the production are winning, and creating bad smells; the enemies of the health of our dog's skin.


Aqua di Olivia prevents bad bacteria and pathogens from replicating and colonizing our dog's coat. Aqua di Olivia, contains 100% natural bio active agents and good bacteria including probiotics. Probiotics are activated only where and when necessary, restoring the right balance, eliminating odors and sanitizing the dog’s coat for a long time. 


When needed, it is sprayed on the dog's coat, dufusing a delicate perfume and eliminating unpleasant odors from the dog's coat.



Eye Lotion

Calendario della BULLY GANG
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